Lisa Haney Illustration
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(a nice picture of me, taken in a hotel in Bangkok... I was watching 'The Man Who Would Be King' on the TV))
Lisa Haney attended the University of Buffalo on a full Presidential Scholarship. She graduated summa cum laude, studying illustration under Alan Cober and Kathy Howell. After a stint at the Buffalo News as an illustration intern, she moved to New York City, and found work with The Daily News and the New York Times. From there, her client base expanded to include publications as varied as Fortune, The Progressive, and MAD magazine (and about twenty others)...

She has contributed regularly to the Wall Street Journal; and for years, she had a weekly column assignment with the New York Times ('Coping', in the Sunday Metro section). Lisa is currently the regular cover artist for The Common Review, published by the Great Books Foundation. She works in scratchboard, with Dr. Martin's Dyes for color.

Freed by the internet, Lisa moved from Brooklyn to Boulder, Colorado in 2003. So she now enjoys hiking and cycling in her spare time. She won 'Best in Show', and other awards at the Colorado Alliance of Illustrators show, but her favorite was 'Best Use of Humor and Whimsy'.

As a cellist, Lisa toured internationally with Hall & Oates in the early '90's, and performed with Rasputina and Richard Barone. She is now devoted to her tango trio, and predicts that tango is the salsa of the future.

She has illustrated three cookbooks for William Morrow, a neurobiology book ('Welcome to Your Brain', published by Bloomsbury in 17 languages) and two volumes of short stories. She has done product labels, corporate logos, and annual reports. She designs the annual mascot for Swanson Services, and is currently working on a profusely (and whimsically) illustrated Sys Admin Handbook.

Lisa specializes in intelligent solutions to abstract problems; intricately metaphorical images, and cute animals in business suits.