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7 Sins: Lust (rabbit stripper, wolf audience) I was very pleased with the way this one turned out... sometimes you think and think, and come up with ideas, and then they choose the last one you came up with. But of course, the reason you stop coming up with ideas is because you've come up with the PERFECT idea. The rabbit stripper was just a great idea -- not only are bunnies stereotypically 'sexy', and wolves stereotypically 'horny', but ultimately, wolves don't have sex with bunnies, they eat them. In the intro essay to the book, the writer described what was actually wrong with each sin, and the sin of lust is one of objectification. So a few of these illustrations combine the ideas of sex and eating (consumption). Obviously, one of the constraints was that there shouldn't be nudity, but no one objects to rabbit breasts... another plus! Once they were on board with the bunny idea, I looked online for photos of pole dancers... they must be doing something interesting. But most of the photos I found were pretty boring (if you're a straight female), and so I just starting doodling on a napkin at a coffee shop. The bunny that made me laugh was upside down, with a sort of 'hmph' bored gesture. I thought that was just too ridiculous, but I couldn't stop thinking of it, so that's the one I did. It got the 'Best Use of Humor and Whimsey' award at the Colorado Illustrators show two years ago, and a few other awards (best use of traditional media, I think?)... I hope you're not too offended by idea #9, but it's an idea I originally came up with for 'Screw' magazine (they used to have cartoons on the cover)... I never pitched it, but I knew someone who worked there, so I doodled it one day and forgot about it. I didn't figure the Great Books Foundation would green-light it, but sometimes I include a 'shocking' suggestion just for fun...
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